Reduce hair damages from ordinary hair straightener

Published: 11th July 2009
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Reducing the probable hair damage is all about we are to discuss here. It is common questions that naturally comes in your mind that how can you reduce the damages caused by a hair straightener. It is very important to have a style without any harmful effects on your hair texture. Style at the cost of hair damage is not worth your effort and money that you have spent on your hair straightener. So always be careful while choosing your hair straightener and using of that styling tool. Here in this article we will be discussing on this fact that how you can avoid the certain damages on your hair while using a hair straightener.

First of all you have to be careful about the temperature of the hair straightener. It is extremely important that you set the right temperature for your hair. It can be done only by checking out what could be the best and soothing for you. From low to high you better check the temperature and definitely you will be find the right one. Until you find that temperature and settings that straighten your hair fast and well enough and not burning your hair. Temperature is a vital thing for your hair. High temperature can burn your hair and also burn your hair and thus burn your hair. Again low temperature can take much time for straightening your hair. We are giving you the details of proper temperature, which can guide you.

For normal hair 360- 380 degree F (180-190 degree C) is recommended temperature. For coarse, thick, curly and ethnic hair 380 -410-degree F (190-210 degree C) is quite right. Bleached, fragile, damaged or fine hair need low temperature because they are vulnerable and need to be handled carefully. They always need a temperature below 360 degree F (180 degree C). Chi hair straighteners have a adjustable temperature system which has made it easy for you to set a right setting for your hair texture.

Before each section it is recommended to use flat iron heat protection spray. Heat protection spray save your hair from the harmful damages caused from a hair straightener.

Another important thing is that you should invest your money in a professional flat iron brand than a drug store brand. It is right that a drug store hair straightener brand is much cheaper than any professional flat iron brand. But if you compromise with your hair then make your choice. Consumer flat irons, which are available at drug stores or wall-mart, are generally made of cheap materials and poorly designed. In professional flat irons plates are made of ceramics or tourmaline. Ceramic or tourmaline is good for hair but in an ordinary cheap hair straightener you cannot be assure yourself about this fact. They claim that their plates are made up off ceramics or tourmaline. But it is not proper. The truth is most of them are made up off aluminum. Aluminum plates are used instead of ceramic plates and they are coated with regular paint top hide the truth. It is not at all good for your hair to use a metal in your hair straightener as the very element of the plates.

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